Sestercentennial Planning Committees

Steering Committee

The Dartmouth Sestercentennial Steering Committee is charged with setting the planning principles for the celebration, appointing the members and outlining the charge and timeline for the planning committee, and reviewing the planning committee’s recommendations to finalize a plan of action.

Members of the Dartmouth Sestercentennial Steering Committee

  • Laurel Richie ’81, Trustee
  • Phil Hanlon ’77, President
  • David Kotz, Interim Provost
  • Bob Lasher ’88, Senior Vice President for Advancement
  • Justin Anderson, Vice President for Communications

Planning Committee

The Dartmouth Sestercentennial Planning Committee is appointed by the president and reports to the steering committee. Members of the planning committee will propose goals and objectives for the celebration, including themes or frameworks; seek the community’s suggestions for the best ways in which to recognize and celebrate Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary; recommend a portfolio of events, exhibits, academic initiatives, publications and commemorative items that would help Dartmouth pay tribute to its history; and propose events and/or exhibits to commemorate the bicentennial of the Dartmouth College Case.

Members of the Dartmouth Sestercentennial Planning Committee

  • Cheryl Bascomb ’82, Vice President for Alumni Relations, Advancement Division (Co-Chair)
  • Don Pease, Geisel Third Century Professor in the Humanities, Professor of English (Co-Chair)
  • Juliette Bianco, Interim Director, Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth
  • Katherine Burke, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Office of the Provost
  • Sara Campbell, Assistant Director, Conferences & Events, Advancement Division
  • Peter Carini, College Archivist, Dartmouth College Library
  • Jonathan Chiappa, Director, Web Services, Information Technology Services
  • Andrew Davidson, Vice President for Development, Advancement Division
  • Heather Drinan, Associate Director, Office of the Provost
  • E.J. Kiefer, Executive Director, Conferences & Events, Advancement Division
  • Joshua Kol ’93, Managing Director/Executive Producer, Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth
  • Hailey LaVoy, Secretary Board of Trustees, Advancement Division
  • Diana Lawrence, Associate Vice President, Office of Communications
  • Leslie Jennings Rowley ’96, Alumni representative
  • Laura Sgrecci, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing, Athletics & Recreation
  • Yolanda Sanchez, Associate Directoer for Basic Sciences, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Associate Professor Molecular and Systems Biology, Geisel School of Medicine
  • Mimi Simpson, Tuck ’89, Executive Director, Office of the President