Celebrating Dartmouth's Legacy of Public Service

A new website highlights alumni who have served in public office.

The result of a collaboration between the Digital Applied Learning and Innovation (DALI) Lab and the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, a new Dartmouth website explores the lives of alumni who have held public office in the College's 250-year history.

Dartmouth College: A History of Public Service profiles over 175 alumni, all of whom have served or are currently serving in national elective office or as state governors. Intended to inspire the next generation of leaders, the student-led project brings into focus a commitment to public service and civic engagement shared by many alumni.

The website features an interactive U.S. map that allows visitors to view the alumni profiles by class year or by their home state. Each profile includes a short bio, an overview of the political, social, and economic climate in the nation at the time, and any notable milestones at Dartmouth that occurred during the individual's time at the College.

Over 40 undergraduate students participated in the site's creation, serving as project managers, content researchers, digital designers or software engineers. They received guidance from Lorie Loeb, faculty director of the DALI Lab; and Andrew Samwick, the Sandra L. and Arthur L. Irving '72a P'10 Professor of Economics.

"It was fabulous to have so much data to work with, which has resulted in a dynamic, online presence that highlights the long and strong history of Dartmouth's political impact and public policy achievements," says Loeb of the students' efforts to synthesize and celebrate 250 years of alumni leaders.

The project can be viewed here.