Reunion Photos: A Family Affair

Each year, the College welcomes alumni and their families back to Hanover for class reunions.

“Very quickly, the teenagers and juniors settled won in their respective groups, with almost unlimited activities to keep them busy and free parents for their own interests. On Tuck Drive, ping-pong, volleyball, horseshoes, basketball, records, dancing were all available and many of the youngsters also took advantage of the college facilities for playing golf and tennis, or swam out at Storrs Pond (something new since you and I were there).

During the class picnic, arrangements had been made so that the kids had an opportunity to take a hayride on a real hay wagon drawn by two big farm horses that made trips out into the countryside. Not the least of their pleasure came from scaling space saucers through the air–the saucers being plastic discs approximately a foot across with a lip around the edge. This fad swept the Dartmouth campus this spring and it took no time for the youngsters as well as their parents to get into the swing of the thing.”

—Richard Bowlen ’30, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, July 1955


Dartmouth Reunion, 1900, Class of 1876
1901. The Class of 1876 and their families gather for a group photo on the steps of Rollins Chapel during their 25th reunion. Photo courtesy of the Dartmouth Library.


Dartmouth Reunions, 1911, Class of 1886 Families
1911. Children of members of the Class of 1886 pose for a group portrait in front of Richardson Hall. Photo courtesy of the Dartmouth Library.


Dartmouth Reunions, Class of 1900, 1920
1920. Daughters of members of the Class of 1900 take a break from the festivities. Photo courtesy of the Dartmouth Library.


Class of 1930 Reunion, 1955
1955. Children of the Class of 1930 alumni volunteer to assist a magician during a show held at the Ledyard Canoe Club. The 25th reunion set new records for attendance, with 681 participants. Photo courtesy of the Dartmouth Library.


Dartmouth Reunion, 1978, Class of 1973
1978. The son of Ted Mertz ’73, donning a pint-sized Dartmouth sweatshirt, enjoys the Class of 1973’s 5th reunion. Photo by Nancy Wasserman.


Dartmouth Reunion, Class of 1954, 1979
1979. The 918 classmates and guests attending the Class of 1954’s 25th reunion received special reunion swag, including official class Frisbee discs. Photo courtesy of the Dartmouth Library.


Class of 1951 Reunion, 1981
1981. Teenagers sit together during a cookout held during the Class of 1951’s 30th reunion. Photo courtesy of the Dartmouth Library.


Class of 1959 Reunion, 1984
1984. Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage the year the Class of 1959 held its 25th anniversary. Photo by David Kupferschmid.


2014 Reunion Weekend
2014. Children engage in a game of street hockey during reunion weekend. Photo by Jeff Woodward.


2016 Reunion, Class of 1991
2016. Brian Ye ’91 enjoys his 25th reunion with his family by his side. Photo by Amy Donohue.