Women in Science Project (WISP) Founded

WISP aims to create collaborative learning environments where women can thrive in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

WISP was cofounded in 1990 by former Thayer School Associate Dean Carol Muller ’77 and the late Karen Wetterhahn, Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Faculty for the Sciences. When Muller left in 1996, WISP began reporting to the Provost Office, but was still housed at Thayer School until 2003. Meanwhile, students continued to run the Peer Mentor Program since its establishment in 1992, helping first-year students with courses and schoolwork and hosting events throughout the year to build a strong network of women within the Program.

In 2009, UGAR began overseeing WISP and in 2010 they celebrated their 20th anniversary and received a generous grant from the Hellman Family Foundation to support research internships for women in chemistry, engineering, math, physics and astronomy. Today, WISP continues to collaborate with the Dartmouth chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and with Thayer as a whole.

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