Sally Frechette Maynard Elected to the Board of Trustees

"I could not speak for all women...I was speaking only for myself, but from the point of view as a woman."

As the first woman named to the Dartmouth Board of Trustees, Maynard shared her gift for connecting people at a critical time: the College's transition to coeducation. For many young women at Dartmouth in that era, Frechette Maynard was a symbol of their acceptance.

Frechette said in the 1997 interview that she was aware of the pitfalls of being seen as "the token woman," a role she always rejected.

"I just felt that I could not speak for all women because not all women speak with the same voice," Frechette Maynard said. "I certainly felt that I had been a woman all my life and that was the perspective that I brought," she said, laughing. "There was always the caveat that I was speaking only for myself, but from the point of view as a woman."

Philippa Guthrie '82, a classmate of Frechette Maynard's son Peter Frechette '82, was inspired by the new Trustee.

"I can't say enough about what it meant as a young female at Dartmouth during that time to see her join all those men on the board, and hold her own," Guthrie says.

Ann Fritz Hackett ’76, the second woman and the first Dartmouth alumna to serve on the Board, recalls Frechette Maynard's influence.

"Sally's wisdom and warm, welcoming presence were among my most indelible memories when I first joined the Dartmouth Board in 1982," Hackett says. "Sally paved the way for women on the Board. She brought a different, refreshing, and important perspective—and was humble, gracious, grounded, authentic, and positive. She saw possibility in everything."

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Image courtesy of the Rauner Special Collections Library