Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab (DALI) Created

"Where students design & build mobile applications, websites, virtual & augmented reality, digital installations, and more."

DALI at Dartmouth means something other than the mustachioed Spanish surrealist painter. Rather, it refers to a group of students, staff, and faculty, who work on real-world computational problems. They focus on communicating complex ideas and data in meaningful ways, using a mix of technology and design. The group is the Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab—the DALI Lab.

Supported by The Neukom Institute for Computational Science, the DALI Lab was co-founded by Daniel Rockmore, the William H. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science, Lorie Loeb, a research professor in computer science, and Tim Tregubov, a staff member in the computer science department.

In 2018, the lab relocated from the first floor to the basement of Sudikoff Lab. The new lab is more spacious than its predecessor, more visually stimulating, and more inviting, say DALI members. The interior space features neon colors, curvilinear glass walls, a compact kitchen, a common area for group brainstorming, smaller, quieter workspaces, playful lighting, and eye-catching furniture, including egg-shaped pod chairs ideal for sequestering from the hubbub.

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