Planning for our sestercentennial is underway. The steering and planning committees are following these guidelines.

Sestercentennial Celebration Goals

  • Engage and connect the entire Dartmouth community (faculty, students, staff, alumni and parents) so that they are inspired to support and sustain our mission.
  • Use this anniversary as an opportunity to educate the world about Dartmouth.
  • Invite new collaborations with scholars around the globe.
  • Focus on Dartmouth and the future.
  • Highlight how our legacy has shaped our present and, most importantly, can inform our future in a changing world.
  • Involve undergraduate and graduate students in program development.
  • Be as “green” as possible.
  • Organize activities at both the institutional and departmental level; every department/division should have the opportunity to participate in the celebration by hosting an activity.
  • Connect events/activities to reinforce institutional goals and priorities.