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Dartmouth and the World: Political Economy in Thought and Action @1769

A two-day scholarly conference (Sept. 27-28) on the way that political economy was thought about and practiced around the time of the College's founding.

Friday, September 27, 2019
All Day
Dartmouth 105
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Conferences, Dartmouth 250th

What did the luminaries behind the founding of Dartmouth College---especially Samson Occom and Eleazar Wheelock---think about the things we normally associate with “political economy”? And what kinds of political economy prevailed at that moment, in their world and beyond? The purpose of this two-day conference will be to explore questions such as these, in order to enhance our understanding both of those who founded the College, and of the vast transformations that separate them from us.

The event will add depth and perspective to the relationship between the local and the global that has been a signal feature of Dartmouth’s identity from the beginning. Presentations by accomplished scholarly speakers on the broader global political-economy scene @1769 will provide the larger Dartmouth community with a broad-angle, wide-ranging event worthy of the history of this institution.

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Henry Clark

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